We build successful 
presentations in a week

Our deliverable is always a trustworthy, tangible and shareable proof that allows a shorter time to market.

Presentation is everything

When you need to share information with a large group of people, and garner support from your audience, a well-prepared presentation is key to your idea’s success and influence.


Set the event’s tone, and align attendees with your vision.


Demonstrate your expertise, and provide an engaging experience.


Showcase what’s special about your product/service and facilitate the next steps.


Consistenly deliver engaging messages without going stale.


Build momentum and create buy-in for your idea.

Our design principles

Most presentations fail to captivate audiences. We have developed a systematic approach to avoiding the widespread pitfalls that lead your audience to tune out.

Focus your content

Say only what is necessary. 
When in doubt, leave it out.

Visualize your message

The right visuals make your presentation more appealing, understandable and memorable.

Dare to stand out

Always look for a way to present your ideas just a little different from the others.

We work in presentation sprints

We guide you through the entire presentation sprint workflow. Our methodology allows us to rapidly create high-quality presentations specifically tailored to your audience, goals and style.

Every presentation sprint is a collaborative project

Our project format frees up your time, and gives you control to keep things moving in the desired direction.

The presentation sprint process

Kickoff Session

We get clear on who your audience is, and what you want them to do.

Content creation

We create a tight, compelling storyline that moves your audience to act.

Visual prototype

From the story, we develop a look and feel, and sketch key visuals.

Handmade designs

Next, we custom design each slide to build a visually engaging deck.


We deliver the completed deck and talking points to the organizer.

We make design work for you.

We are here to develop purposeful visuals and help you reach your goals.

Our design focusses on clarifying the essentials, creating engagement and driving action.

Business-class presentation design

Our crew of visual thinkers and designers are here to help you deliver clear and effective presentations.

We are nimble

We have the experience to work fast without compromising quality.

We are service minded

We are deeply committed to customer satisfaction.

We are original

We take pride in our ability to deliver fresh ideas and visuals.

Great ideas need to look the part.

We design bespoke visuals so you can best present your ideas, services and products.

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We are an Amsterdam-based design boutique helping our clients achieve their goals with visual tools that effectively communicate their ideas.

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